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. >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is the 10:00 news on ktvu, channel 2 news. some of the children left behind in the recent string of killings attend a memorial service while the police find another possible victim. >> i'm mike mibach in for ken wayne. >> and i'm heather holmes. four homicides and a missing am man. it took police to an east bay landfill. thousands looked through the trash for a body.
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tonight the four known victims were memorialized. maureen naylor. >> reporter: mike, a candlelight vigil with those victims. while that ongoing search for that missing hercules minute turned up nothing today. [ music ] >> reporter: with music and cageds, organizers say the goal was to start the healing process. >> i didn't know anybody. but because it hit so close to home, it is just one of those things that you don't imagine happening in your area. and it's just really shocking. >> it is this type of tragedy is pretty tough for all of us to swallow. >> reporter: also tough for some to swallow, including in the prayer candles lit for the murder victims was one for the accused killer. >> my understanding is the folks from villaho would like us to include the suspect. and our response to them is we are not here to be judgmental. we are here to promote peace. >> reporter: this after more than a week of violence which
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ended with officers shooting and killing the man in richmond. he is suspected in the deaths of signed at this tran and mark and allan and ricardo. tran's friends and families included tonight's vigil. including three of her four sons which wrote a statement which she read. >> we truly love our mom with all of our hearts. and we know she is looking over us at this very moment. >> reporter: earlier in the day they searched the landfill in pittsburgh for the third straight day they found no signs of sales son frederick who lived with tran and hasn't been seen for more than a week. >> right now they are looking for any type of evidence that would lead us to the whereabouts of frederick sales. >> similar to friday's search police used an excavator to sort through 3,000 tonnes of debris one scoop at a time. they are targeting the landfill because that's where the trash is brought from the hercules
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business park where one of the victim's cadillac was found and where he used to search. the search at the landfill will resume tomorrow morning at 8 a.m. and could last up to 2-3 more days. reporting live in hercules, maureen naylor, ktvu, channel 2 news. villaho police are looking for a gunman who shot and killed a man in a backyard. police say found a 42-year-old man dead from gunshot wounds at a home in the 300 blocks of springs road. the victim's name has not yet been released and police have not offered a motive. investigators are searching for a suspect described as a young black man in his 20s wearing a white suit and jeans seen getting into a white or silver compact car. this is the 11th homicide of the year. san francisco police tonight stepped up patrols along the stretch of road that was the seen of a deadly crash last night. as ktvu's diane garotsi tell us
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tonight. those who knew the two young victims are struggling to cope. friends of the people from pacifica are marking the spot in san francisco where their friends lost their lives. 19-year-old robbie mccan of hercules on the left of this picture. and nick of daly city on the right. they died here at 10:30 last night. three other people in an oncoming car threatened -- suffered life threatening injuries. >> heartbreaking for all of us. in the car we were talking about how all of us were together since we've all graduated. >> reporter: the students were part of the oceana high school class of 2008 still keeping in touch. >> two weeks ago i talked to them both. and we were trying to get together. >> friends say he had signed up to start the air force and mccam was a secured guard at the california academy of sciences. >> i just saw them last night, too. >> reporter: you saw them last
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night? >> yeah. >> reporter: what were you doing? >> we were just hanging out like we always do. >> later nick and robbie were in this honda. police say for some unknown reason the car turned perpendicular to traffic and a toyota with three people smashed into the passenger's side. the three were sent to san francisco general hospital critically injured. they were pronounce today dead at the scene. >> they were really nice guys. really on top of their stuff. they worked hard for what they earned. >> reporter: police have not yet determined what caused the accident or whether alcohol was involved. the neighbor says he sees an accident here every couple of months because people are tempted to speed on the straightaway. >> i've seen it too many times. it has happened so many times that it really gets to me. it breaks my heart when i see something like this happen. >> reporter: one of the young men was supposed to take a trip abroad with his family this week. now instead they will be planning his funeral. in san francisco, ktvu, channel 2 news.
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>> the highway patrol's aggressive maximum enforcement program is in operation tonight. and so far this holiday weekend, dui arrests are up. according to the chp, officers statewide have arrested 990 people for driving under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs. that is 67 more compared to the first two days of last year's labour day weekend. here in the bay area 167 drivers have been arrested for dui during the last two days. there have been eight traffic related fatalities statewide. highway patrol's maximum enforcement program runs through midnight tomorrow. folks having a cocktail or two in san francisco may soon be paying to help those people who drink too much. the board of supervisors is expected on tuesday to consider adding several cents to the price of beer, wine and liquor in order to fund alcohol treatment and prevention programs. supporters say it would raise $16 million a year.
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alcoholic beverage industry opposes it, as does at least one supervisor who says the city should not be raising fees during the tough economy. mayor gavin newsome says if the board does approve that fee he will veto it. >> a festive atmosphere greeted fair if goers in downtown oakland as the gay community staged its first pride festival in seven years. the smells of food and the sounds of music filled franklin street. organizers expressed hope that the festival will now become an annual event. social issues also were on people's minds. one organizer said the festival is meant, in part, to demonstrate that gays and lesbians are integral members of the community, entitled to equal treatment. >> i think that in california we have gotten a lot closer than most places in america. of course, we have a long way to go. but right now, we are taking it one step at a time. and we know that it is going to happen eventually. >> the festival is also a big
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fundraiser. to help establish an lgbt community center in the east bay. the fair was last held back in 2003 and was replaced for years by the oakland art and soul festival. >> hewlet packard's ousted ceo is about to land a new job. this one with high tech giant oracle. the board is expected to meet within days to vote on the deal to hire mark hurd. he will reportedly be named chief executive. oracle ceo has had that. he was forced to resign in the wake of a sexual harassment allegation. ellison said his dismissal was one of the worst decisions they have ever made. >> craigslist mysterious action this weekend to cover the adult section with" censored" they took the action yesterday with
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no explanation. craigslist has been under attack by 17 state attorneys general who say the section enables prostitutes to advertise and that it could encourage human trafficking. >> right now our focus really is on craigslist. we are taking it one step at a time. we want to verify and confirm that craigslist is, in fact, shutting down because our focus really is on law enforcement within our borders and victims within the reach of this country's law enforcement activities. >> craigslist has vigorously fought efforts to force it to shut the section. and it is not known if the closure is permanent. the con et cetera connecticut attorney general wants to change it. but internet advocates that they would threaten free speech. >> a move significance from san jose has disappeared and police are asking for your help. san jose pd says 46-year-old green has not been seen since
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april. he is described as five eight, 175 pounds and wears prescription glasses. green is a drummer and his drums were recovered along with his vehicle outside an ex- girlfriend's home in san jose. police say the ex-girlfriend, though, is not a suspect. anyone with information is asked to contact the police. a livermore father is in jail tonight after officials say he grabbed his fishing knife and stabbed his 14-year- old son 11 times and his wife once. the alameda county sheriff's department said 48-year-old gary gomez took his wife and sons and his son's two friends fishing. at 2 a.m. one of the friends said he had to go home and gomez's son agreed. he became angry with the request and stabbed his son and his wife who tried to get between the two. the injuries are not considered life threatening. gomez is being held on suspicion of attempted murder and child end takement charges.
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>> the bp key piece is now in the hands of the justice department. they hauled the failed blow-out preventor and provided pictures of it yesterday. they will try to determine just what went wrong back on april 20th when an explosion killed 11 men and led to that disastrous oil spill in the gulf of mexico. >> a new blow-out preventor was installed friday on the plugged well. [ music ] >> labour day is launch day for jerry brown, the democratic candidate for governor about to shift his campaign into another gear. the clear-cut message he is taking on the road. >> the final battle in the war of a worker furloughs get underway this week in california supreme court. just what's at stake for the governor and thousands of state employees. >> today is the day we celebrate jobs, labor and employment. but with [ female announcer
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. >> get ready for the jerry brown campaign for governor. he is set to begin airing t.v. ads tomorrow. his republican challenger meg whitman has been pouring millions into t.v. and radio ads. were brown, though, could have a tough battle ahead. like most democrats around the country. ktvu's alli rasmussen reports. >> reporter: teamster member gabe ramirez considers himself a lifelong democrat.
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but even he admits he is a little disenchanted with his party in washington. >> i don't know where they are putting their attention to because it's not out here where we need it. you know what i mean? all of the money don't seem to be going where it should be going. >> reporter: still ramirez was one of more than 500 people who cheered on larry brown hosted by the local teamsters union. brown is the democratic candidate for governor. >> we start our battle tomorrow. you will see my ads. you will see me up and down the state. >> reporter: brown's opponent republican meg whitman did not have anything planned for today. but many voters have already seen her on the airwaves. whitman has spent more than $140 million for political ads. brown is kicking his campaign into high gear tomorrow. >> i will go up and down and tell people my message which is no taxes without a vote of the people. bring the government closer to the local level and learn to live within our means.
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>> reporter: barbara ramirez lost her job a few months ago. she says she will still vote for mostly democrats this election, but with less enthusiasm than she did 2 years ago. >> so i will still vote probably the same. i am not that far from it but i wish certain things would change. >> reporter: polls show other voters may not be as forgiving. in a usa gal up poll released this week. but today brown showed no sign of wanting to distance himself from the president. >> when jerry brown was asked if he would like president obama to campaign for him this fall, he said he is open to the idea, adding that he would take any help that he can get in what he called a competitive governor's race. allie rasmus. ktvu, channel 2 news. >> brown's opponent meg whitman picked up a key endorsement.
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the california chamber of commerce's board of directors voted to endorse whitman according to the candidate's business experience. but the vote prompted the president of the university of california to suspend his board membership. and the chancellor of the state community college is going to resign. uc's president can't be involved in partisan politics. while the chancellor says the chamber hurts itself while becoming involved in a political contest. >> the showdown overstate furloughs is set to get underway in california's highest court. the state supreme court is scheduled to hear arguments on wednesday to decide if governor schwarzenegger has the authority to order state workers to take unpaid days off. the justices will consider three lawsuits by state workers who say the constitution does not give the governor the power to unilaterally order furloughs. schwarzenegger says, yes, it does, during times of fiscal emergency. >> muni passengers could soon be stranded at their stops
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wondering where their ride is. a flyer is being circulated among muni operators directing them to call in sick december 14th through the 17th. it's unclear who is behind this sickout ploy. the operator's union says it has nothing to do with it. the wording suggests it could have come from someone upset about management's plans to change sick leave and overtime policies. for tens of millions of americans there is not much to celebrate this labour day weekend. with unemployment above 9% nationwide and even higher here in california, the holiday dedicated to labor is a gloomy one. our consumer editor tom vakar reports. >> reporter: labor attorney, job training egg pert and former edd director mike burnic says he works every morning, even labour day weekend. but to him this is a sub dude labour day. >> no big lay-offs that we saw in the first part of 2009 but no significant hiring.
11:48 pm
>> reporter: what hurts california hiring even more, sacramento's failure to reach a budget. that not only directly affects hundreds of thousands of state and local public employees, but private businesses as well. >> well, lack of confidence that taxes won't go up and the economy won't get out of the current situation. >> reporter: he says the state lacks policies that encourage private sector growth. >> even healthcare. the one thing we could always count on in job training to create jobs is seeing the same cutbacks in terms of demand. >> reporter: so we asked folks here celebrating the holiday, is this a crossroads? will next labour day be a more happy one? >> things are a little better in some respect than they were a year or so ago. >> this street fair was packed. >> i think what they are looking at is trying to go ahead and look to the future and hope it will go ahead and be stronger. and this type of event encourages that. >> i was out of work for four years. so i just did an information al
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interview. i knocked on the door, called them up and asked, you know, would you do an informational interview? and he said yes and i got the job. >> we're gearing up for a more positive fall season. and i'm ready for it. and i really believe that my customers are ready for it, too. so we are looking optimistically down the road. >> anything optimistic on labour day 2010 that i see, it's the strength of the entrepreneurial culture among younger people to get out there and start businesses, new enterprises, try new things. >> that's how california's agricultural aerospace tourism and high technology industries came to be. i'm consumer editor tom vakar. ktvu, channel 2 news. >> the story of stephen slater was he fired or did he resign? that's the mystery involving the former jet blue flight attendant. the man who last month told off a plane full of passengers at new york's kennedy airport, opened an emergency slide and jumped out. jet blue announced it weekend
11:50 pm
only that slater no longer works for the airline and was not clear whether he resigned. his lawyer today said he was not fired and that he quit. slater himself has not commented. >> secretary of state hillary clinton is set to travel to jerusalem next week to resume peace talks between israel and palestinian leaders. but those negotiations may now be in jeopardy. according to the state department, the talks are scheduled for september 15th. they are a continuation of negotiations that kick off last week in washington between israeli prime minister in the etanyahu and abbas. however, the first crisis in the peace talks is ruling. they will east restrictions in the east bank settlements, but if israel resumes construction the palestinian president warns he will pull out of those negotiations. >> well, earl is now out to sea while the storm lost a bit of its punch. the unwelcome guest has definitely left its mark in
11:51 pm
canada. what residents there are dealing with tonight. >> and a counter culture tradition in the desert. the record that was set at this year's burning manifest value. >> we currently have mostly clear skies across most of the how would i make school a better place?
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. >> a night-time air attack helped firefighters knock down a brush fire in southern california. the fire began northeast of anaheim. some 100 firefighters battled the flames on the ground. air support was called in and helicopter pilots were able to use night vision goggles during their flight. the fire was contained to about ten acres. in canada, some 40,000 people are still without power in nova scotia after hurricane earl hit yesterday. it came ashore as a category 1
11:54 pm
storm. earl's winds brought down many trees and utility lines. nova scotia's power company said all power should be back on by tomorrow. all essential services such as hospitals were first to be restored. there was one confirmed death. a man trying to secure a boat drowned, even though he was wearing a life jacket. in other news of the world tonight, in iraq heavily armed fighters attacked a military base in baghdad today for the second time in about two weeks. u.s. troops were called in to provide cover for the iraqi soldiers. at least a dozen people were killed. this was the first time american forces have engaged in combat since formal combat operations ended last week. in chile -- chile today marked one month that 33 men have been trapped in a gold and copper mine. now, that is longer than anyone can remember any other miners being trapped. and while the rescue operation continues, disputes have arisen among some of the miner's families as to just who should get their salaries and the donations that have come in.
11:55 pm
>> and in southern mexico, flooding is forcing thousands of people to leave their homes and head for higher ground. officials said within a few days they expect 150,000 people to be evacuated. although some people are resisting, fearing they will lose their few possessions to robbers. heavy rains from a tropical depression are causing rivers to rise in several states. >> rescuers are among the dead in landslides that hit the central american country of good mall will guatemala. officials say that 15 landslides are occurred on the interamerican highway in the past two days. the death toll stands at 38 and could go higher. one landslide buried two pick- up trucks and a bus. crowds have managed to pull some people out alive. about awe second slide trapped even more. at least 50 people are believed to be buried at that one location. former british prime minister tony blare blair today reflected on his decision to stand with the united states after the september 11th terrorist attack.
11:56 pm
on abc's this week, blair said he keeps in mind how almost 3,000 people died on that single day. >> the important thing is if these people could have killed 30,000 or 300,000 they would have. and that really changed the risk all together. but what i understood left clearly at that time is how deep this movement is. >> blair added at sings biggest threat the world faces is if terrorists get their hands on some form of nuclear chemical or biological weapon. >> president obama has a new plan to jump-start the economy. what it is and what it might mean for americans out of work. >> and it's the last blast รบ how would i make school a better place? field trips to the zoo! more basketballs.
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. >> president obama goes on the road this week armed with several new proposals to perk up the staggering economy. the president's plan includes tax breaks and incentives he hopes will spur job growth by putting money into the hands of those who can create jobs and those who want to work. julie kurt is has details from washington. >> reporter: with the economy in a slump and unemployment at 9.6% president obama travels west to talk about the economy. first to milwaukee on labour day. and to cleveland on wednesday where he will layout his new plans. he will propose a permanent extension of a popular tax credit. that's a break for business research done in the u.s. aides say it will be paid for by closing other corporate tax brokes. also under consideration by the obama white house is an extension of hiring incentives and a payroll tax holiday.
12:00 am
the reaction to obama's latest process pose ales on fox news sunday. >> my reaction is we always like to see death-bed conversions. but the fact if we would have done this kind of thing nearly a couple of years ago we would be in a lot better shape. >> it is not a death-bed conversion. there are a series of tax cuts for businesses. but in being althoughing at the pace of the recovery thank goodness we are not shrinking, we are growing. the president will address additional steps to get us growing again. >> reporter: president obama addressed making the tax break before in his budget plan earlier this year. plenty of bipartisan support for the $100 billion idea. supporters say the tax credit creates high wage american jobs. the challenge is how to pay for it. aides say obama will ask congress to close corporate tax breaks for multinational corporations and oil and gas companies. in washington, julie kurt is fox news. >> google has agreed to settle a lawsuit involving its buzz
12:01 am
social network. seven gmail users filed the suit when goggle exposed their privacy when it exposed their contact les. buzz is a part of gmail. court papers show most of the proposed $8.5 will go to internet privacy organizations. while the attorneys will get $2 million. gag will -- google denies violating any laws. a judge must first approve the deal. >> house shake off the dust and head home. the burning man went up in flames a tradition since the festival began in 1956. this year more than 51,000 free spirited folks attended and that's a record. burning man is a celebration of art, music and just about everything am counter-culture. the usual cases of intoxication, dehydration and eye irritations. but by all accounts, this year everything went fairly smoothly. >> members of several law enforcement agencies today
12:02 am
turned out to search in east bay after a woman called 911 on a cell phone saying she had fallen from her wheelchair outside and was having a medical emergency. the highway patrol got the call about 1:30 this afternoon from a woman who identified herself as 20-year-old amanda sloan. now, sloan is four feet, nine inches tall and weighs about 110 pounds and is paralyzed from the chest down. the search is being concentrated in north concord between alivera road and buchanan field. anyone with information about amanda sloan's whereabouts is asked to contact the authorities. in war bravery does not just happen on the battlefield. sometimes the greatest acts of courage and character happen afterward. that may be the case of army captain dan burchinski who was seriously injured when he stepped on an ied while leading his men through taliban territory. reporter rick baldwin shows a -- shares a story of recovery. >> reporter: afghanistan, the
12:03 am
taliban strong hold, one of the most dangerous assignments for u.s. troops and first lieutenant dan burchinski's new home. one month into his deployment from his first mission outside the wire this west point graduate realized every day had the potential to be deadly. >> my very first mission i watched three ieds go off in succession on the group. the very first day game on, this place is not friendly. let's try to keep ourselves off the road as much as possible. >> reporter: to keep off the road sole yeses would stick to dirt trails, even orchards. that's where his platoon was patrolling on august 18th of last year. >> we heard the explosion. could you see the dust rise up over the trees. >> an ied had been triggered. and soon after another explosion. two men were killed. burchinski, unscathed had to hold the area so they could search the areas come daylight. and as he was walking down a trail steps from his compound,
12:04 am
another blast. >> i don't really remember a sound or a flash. i just remember the pressure. but immediately i knew what had happened. (beep beep beep). >> and the next thing i know i was opening my eyes and a bright room in the icu here at walter reid. i didn't even understand the gravity of my injuries. >> reporter: dan's left leg amputated above the knee. his right at the hip. a year after the attack. >> it's a bit frustrating. >> i wake up every morning and i go, maybe it was all a dream. and i think about just swinging my legs over the edge of the bed and hopping into the shower. but so far it hasn't come true. so then i just go, oh, crap. back to that. >> reporter: time-wise, i think it is remarkable. >> from the very beginning, he is one of those gives who he gets frustrated and he is determined to make it work. >> reporter: dan is taking his rehab step by step. and as he remembers that day in afghanistan, this georgia native says he wouldn't have
12:05 am
wished it any other way. >> quite honestly, if it hadn't been me walking through those orchards in afghanistan, it would have been some other 25- year-old infantry lieutenant. really i have no regrets. >> reporter: no regrets? >> yeah, no regrets. and i pause because it's kind of -- i have to double-check in my head. but, yeah, i've thought about it quite a bit. and i really don't think i have any regrets. >> and that was brook baldwin reporting. friends of burchinski set up a facebook page to show their support as they continue to recover right now. that page has almost 1500 fans. well, coming up for you here next on ktvu, channel 2 news, the sound of music in the south bay. but vandals, well, they had their own ideas about this public art display and tell you about that when we come back. >> the heat is on
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man on radio: mission is a go. you are good to go. so, have you made your decision yet? yeah, i think so. this year, more than 27,000 children will be diagnosed with a life-threatening medical condition. their wishes are waiting to come true. you can make it happen.
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find out how today at [ flippers slapping [ music ] >> well, definitely the main weather headline is warmer temperatures. in fact, temperatures tomorrow are the warmest of the period. a significant cooldown is showing up on the long range weather maps. in fact, as early as tuesday and also to wednesday. not too far out into the future. a big change tonight. we do have clear skies. that fog bank way to our south down towards southern california. for la and san diego. we still have clear skies and some pretty mild numbers out there with most of the region in the 60s at this 10:00 hour. as far as temperatures for today you can see the range to right around 54 in pacifica. san jose is 83 guest. most areas on average about oh, 4 to 28 degrees warmer than
12:09 am
yesterday's reading. the overall weather storm clear skies. a little bit of a breeze. temperatures warming up for your labour day. but cooling begins on tuesday and wednesday. definitely notice a chill out there. here is the spot forecast for the art festival starting out to with mostly clear skies. 57 degrees. by 12:00 74. the afternoon high in the lower 80s. right around 82 degrees. this is the weather pattern that's return for home. monday easily the warmest day of the period w that high pressure in place we will have those offshore winds. that warms us up and also increases the fire danger. we do not have any red flag warnings posted for tomorrow. but still something we will be watching, at least over the next 24 hours. look what happened at the beginning of tuesday. but especially by wednesday this cool weather system moves in. this will be a cloud producer. temperatures are cooling off. there is even a slight chance we could have some sprinkles first thing wednesday morning. only a slight chance but a fairly good bet of at least some drizzle, especially coastside and right around the bay. continue to keep an eye on that possibility by mid-week. first thing tomorrow morning
12:10 am
talking about some 50s out there. look what happens into the afternoon hours. temperatures warming up nicely. from the 70s right near the immediate coastline. quite a few areas around the bay. temperatures in land you can see by:00 showing you the warmest locations on track to immediate -- reach the mid- 900s. here is the time line for labour day. mostly clear skies at 7:00. by lunchtime we are warming up. a bit of a sea breeze develops by mid to late afternoon. but before that point, those numbers are soaring. look at antioch, 95 degrees. oakland at 84. san jose tops out at 89. and gillroy right around 93. san francisco is just beautiful. in the lower 80s right around 82. here is a look ahead. your five day forecast temperatures coming down by tuesday. you will notice that change. look what happens by wednesday. we bring in more clouds. the slight chance of a few sprinkles or at least some drizzle first thing wednesday morning. heather and mike temperatures a different story by mid-week in the 60s or lower 70s.
12:11 am
make the most tomorrow. >> got off to a slow start but nice this weekend. >> vandals tried but unsuccessful at putting their touch on a public art project in san jose. [ music ] >> 20 decorated pianos created by community group have been placed across the city as part of the street pianos project. you will find them around downtown. even though tagers have defaced several of them, organizers say the exhibit will continue through september 22nd. after that, the pianos will be donated to charity. >> it's been an annual event for 40 years. and the labour day weekend festival was going strong today. the millbrae art and wine festival is known as a last blast of summer. plenty of food and fun to enjoy. organizers said they expected 100,000 people during the two- day event that wrapped up today. they also credit city leaders
12:12 am
and residents for supporting it, especially during the recession. for a list of events taking place tomorrow, labour day, be sure to go to our website ktvu, and click on the weekend extra tab near the top of the page. >> well, coming up next, as go for the the sweep against the angels. >> that's right. and why the giants today got a double push
12:13 am
12:14 am
[ music ] >> good evening, everyone. welcome to this late sunday night edition of sports wrap. the month of september just keeps getting better for the giants. just one game out of first place in the national league
12:15 am
west. their best position in the division in 27 days. the dodgers wrap up their three game series on national t.v. tonight in la. giants got off to a 1-0 lead in the second inning. pablo sandoval with a fly-ball to right. ethier has a good army but buster posey beet the flow. a sack fly for sandoval and a 1- 0 giant lead. jonathan sanchez got into trouble in the bottom of the inning but got out of it when he induced barahas into a double play. seven innings and just three hits allowed by sanchez. giants added to the lead after sandoval had singled. juan ruribe made 19 on the year for him. this one stays fair. turns it over to a pair of relievers. brian wilson for his 40th save. matt kemp is retired and it
12:16 am
gives them the last. they beat la for the first time in a shut-out. 10-8 overall. >> earlier in the day the padres open the night for san francisco. he faces colorado's moore in the 2-2 game. moore singles radio right. here comes gonzalez and troy when the throw gets away at the plate. trailing 4-2 in the 9th the padres get the tying run to the plate. but houston street struck out will veinable. san diego had lost for the 10th straight time. giants picked up five and a half games during that stretch. they are now just one back. two back of philly in the wild card race. well, it will take something just short of a miracle for either the angels or as to make a run at texas in the a-l west. going for the sweep in the coliseum. the players and the mascots involved in breast cancer awareness day. in the third bobby abraju got
12:17 am
ahold of the pitch no doubt about that one. it was 2-0. later in the inning with hideki matsui aboard mike napoli and suddenly irvin santana had the 4-0 lead. the as scratched out a run in the third. made it interesting in the 4th. jack cust scores. and larish goes with a double and it is tied at 3. tory hunter rolls the one all the way to the gap that brings them a three. the angels managed to salvage one. 7-4 was the final with the win. the angels pull within nine and a half of the first place rangers. the as stay first game back. two high sides and major names advanced into the u.s. tennis championship today. one name was venus williams. she struggled with her serve
12:18 am
but was able to outlast. she won the point. she won the first set 7-6. more dominant in the second set. now in the far court, making a nice play at the net. and then at match point, pier has no answer for a shot by williams who wins the second set 6-3. also winning today was the women's second seed kim klisters. >> on the men's side nadal against sim own of france. nidal makes it look easy as simone is overmatched. the highest additional men's seed to advance today was ridosco. >> at one point the dominant driver on the spring car circuit. now almost a year since he won. before we get to tony stewart's
12:19 am
night in atlanta, there was the matter of greg biffle getting bumped by ryan newman that sends biffle spinning and other drivers to avoid him. elliot sad letter can't. sad letter's night finished after 150 laps. biffle heads to the garage for a little body work. and eventually got back on the track. scott speed had his night ended early. speed lost his engine which caused a fire which was out by the time he got to pit road. stewart had the fastest car all night. when he came in first, he had his first win since october of last year. just one race to go now before the 12-man chase begins. ten drivers have already clinched positions including points leader kevin harvick. >> still more to come as we check out the score in th
12:20 am
12:21 am
12:22 am
12:23 am
. >> ktvu high school sports is brought to you. >> they are battling against a team that used to be the earthquake. the quakes in houston. giovani made a nice pass to set up stevenson. the dynamo tied the game in the first half. but then in the 64th minute giovani and the quake played the final minutes and they are tied with seattle for fifth place in the west. the women's fc gold pride continues to roll. the pride completed a four game season sweep of the boston breakers with a 2-0 win today. this could be a playoffs preview. the pride has already clinched a spot in the league's championship game. now has gone 12 games without a defeat. one round to go in golf's deutsch bank championship with the possibility of a change in the word's rankings. tiger woods has been number one for the past five years. this is his third shot on the
12:24 am
par 5, 7th hole today. woods would make an easy birdie on the way to 69. ten shots off the lead and in need of finishing in the top 70 to qualify for next week's bmw championship where he is the defending champion. phil mickelson is five strokes off the pace tied there with three others. mickelson with a chip at 15 that works out all right. shot a 67. takes over the number one spot with a win. but the guy at the top of the leaderboard in this event is jason day. day for birdie on the 12th hole on his way to a 66. day is up by three. he is a you that lead disappear in a matter of two holes. at 18 he was even with brett is the nedaker. while he did this day made the birdie. that's the difference as they head to tomorrow's final round. seven other players are within five strokes of the lead. well, we will find out next sunday just how much stock we should put into pre-season that saw the 49ers go 4-0. they did today sign eight players to their practice squad, which those players did not make the
12:25 am
53-man roster. one decision mike single terry didn't have to think about was the fifth round running-back anthony dixon. he led the entire league in you are aring in the pre-season with 300 total yards and four tds. the rookie from mississippi state is behind both frank gore and brian westbrook on the depth chart. but singleteri figures dixon has talents that at some point this year will come in handy. >> when you have a give like that, yes, there is going to be a role. what it is right now, it will define itself. but i just, when you have a give that's a talent like that, yes, you are going to find a role for him. >> that comes back from my history of dance. you know in the south we like to dance a little bit. it's kind of in my game a little bit. so i just showed it and displayed it a little bit. >> the raiders have to be secure in the knowledge that they have a pretty good trio of quarterbacks all with nfl experience. after leaving the 49er game
12:26 am
with an injury jason campbell appears ready to go for oakland's opener next week in tennessee. bruce bradcowski is a capable backup starting some games last year. buller got a half of playing time in in the final pre-season game against seattle. he is here because he wanted to be reunited with offensive hugh jackson who he worked with in baltimore. >> we are all different, you know. we come from different places. and our backgrounds are different. at the same time we always push each other in practice to get better. we are all working out together. all go through the play book together. all about hyping one another. >> we definitely have a good quarterback room, you know, the three of us. we all have our own strengths. we each bring different things to the table. you know, when i'm in there i like to do my thing. same with jason and kyle. we all bring a little bit different. but you know in the ends how you get the job done and if we
12:27 am
are winning it's all that really counts. >> i feel very comfortable with coach jackson. i have a great relationship with him. i really understand his offense. still working on it each day. but, you know, i feel very comfortable and that's important. >> week two of the high school football season is upon us. here is the games can you vote for to determine our friday night game of the week. oakland's high at pittsburgh. navado at foothill. [ music ] >> to vote, go to ktvu, click on high school sports. we will announce the game that wins on thursday. and then see you under the lights on friday night. and then with the highlights up here on the 10:00 news. that will do it for this late sunday night sports wrap. have a good week, everybody. >> a great time of year, football and baseball looking or getting interesting. >> next sunday at this time nfl week one under our belts. >> can't wait.
12:28 am
the peninnocent races going on as well. >> thanks, joe. >> that is the 10:00 news on a sunday night. i'm mike mibach. >>
12:29 am

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